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June | Split Paint

Art has been a huge part of my life. What started as sketching animals in the corners of my assignments in elementary school became planning to be an art teacher while studying graphic design in college. Life doesn’t always let you stay on the clear path you want, instead I had a lot to learn before finding my calling. I have tried so many established painting and mixed media techniques, but I didn’t feel the connection I needed with the pieces I was finishing. I started creating outside the well known techniques with 2 thoughts in mind: I don’t like spending a ton of money on supplies and I wanted to keep my children’s planet in mind.

With steady determination, I have developed an environmentally conscious way to construct engaging artwork while reducing waste, recycling what I can, and reusing materials that would generally be thrown away. By collecting bottle caps, grocery sacks, old machine parts and damaged electronics among other materials, I have been able to create interesting base textures on canvas. My goals with each piece are to produce unique shapes, coloring, and limited waste. I am still working on ways to be more environmentally friendly with each piece. Spilt Paint is a developing brand used to show my work while growing into a green business that can teach others to upcycle the ordinarily discarded.

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